Sunday, October 19, 2008

Business Cards

Here is one of my favorite entries in the blog. Fubiz is a daily weblog that posts on creativity, graphic design and innovation. The contributors post on a very wide variety of subjects, from photography and advertising to architecture and product design. The trouble is they post in French, and the English translation is a bit...rough.

This post was a list of images of 70 of the worlds most interesting business cards. Here are a few of my favorites, followed by the link for the full list, and a link to the English version of the blog.

This first is for a man named Chad Germann, CEO of Howlfire, a Milwaukee based Ad Agency.

Whitney Shaw's struck me not only for the great illustration, but also for the texture I imagine it would have. The recipient would be able to feel the wolf's fur, further adding to the attractiveness of the art.

My last selection is possibly my favorite. It is an amazing example of function meeting form! As the business card for a graphic designer, the rules on the side struck me as hilarious.

Link to the post.

Link to Fubiz.

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