Thursday, October 23, 2008

Widmer Brothers Brewing

Since I'm sitting in Rennie's Landing working on a project, I figured a post was in order.

I'm dedicating this to one of my favorite brews; Widmer Hefeweizen. It's still one of the best Hef's I've had, even though it's probably the most popular. Many of the other hefeweizen's I've tasted are too...experimental? BJ's Hef is very nutty with a hint of banana, which while interesting, is not really something I can drink more than a pint of. Rock Bottom Brewery's is closer to the Widmer, with a heavy wheat flavor, but is still to robust for my taste.

Another reason I love Widmer is that it is locally brewed in Portland. The brewery is on Russel, just across the Broadway bridge. I'm thinking a tour in the near future is in order.

Anyway. has a great photostream on flickr dedicated to the local PDX breweries and one album is dedicated to Widmer.'s Flickr

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