Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Nights

As the days go by, I begin to realize more and more that the world doesn't care. It doesn't stop for me, for anyone. My days don't care what I have to do. I need to realize more that struggle is the way of life. My future doesn't give a shit that I'm "busy."

I've made my bed. I hate sleeping in it. If I want things, I need to reach and grab them. Pull them in close, never let go. It isn't about impressing other people or doing the things people say I need to.

What is it about then? This life is a snap. A blink, a wink. Wake up! This isn't the time to sit, sleep.

Learn flash? DO IT! Put tools in your belt! Learn how to swing that hammer.

Stop being so nice? Stop being so civil with the self-hate. Stop crying. You want to be like someone else? Be like you. Be you. You'll never go anywhere unless you start walking. Start running. Start. And don't stop.

It gets hard to open up those wings. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is bare my teeth. I don't want to step on toes. I don't want to trip over my own feet. But ya know, if you want to learn to run, learn to fall. Not everybody lives, but everyone dies.

Walk, run, grab, rise, learn, WORK! Don't go sit in Allen so you can feel like you're improving. Sit in Ballmer and IMPROVE! Take the chance to change.

Everyone has it rough. Everyone has hardship. Life isn't easy anywhere. Except here. Right now, you have it easy. You haven't learn to balance shit because you haven't had shit in a long time. You've had it so good. Realize it! Stop being so fucking happy about the fact that things are good. Recognize that these aren't the times to be patient.

Your days don't care what you've got to do.


Jack J said...

your next assignment is to incorporate this voice into a piece that you can be proud of my man. Keep pimpin and you'll be fine - the world may not want you to succeed, true, but who gives a damn what the world thinks.

megan pants said...

So are you saying that if I move from the circle table to inside of Ballmer, I'll improve?