Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Make an entrance

A two close friends and I went to the Neil Diamond concert the other night up in Portland. In our excitement waiting for Neil to begin, we couldn't help but discuss differerent possible entrances he could make and how awesome each would be. Continuing that discussion...

The first entrance we brought up was the "Jack Black." The "Jack Black" is accomplished when an artist, standing on stage with the coliseum lights off, is illuminated by a single beam of light. Mr. Black named this entrance in the hit film "School of Rock." An emotionally powerful entrance, this is only appropriate for a solo artist, such as Neil Diamond.

The "Sting." I'm not sure if this has actually been attempted, but the theoretical "Sting" entrance would require the artist (or, even more extreme, the entire band) to repel from the ceiling of the arena. This maneuver is inspired by Steve "Sting" Borden's entrance to WCW's March 1997 pay-per-view event, Uncensored. Sting repelled down 70 feet to take on the members to begin his historic battle against the nWo in which he ended up giving the Scorpion Death Drop to the principal members of the nWo.

One of the coolest entrances, though not possible in a closed arena, would have to be the "VOA" aka "The Hagar." On Sammy Hagar's first solo album after leaving Van Halen, Hagar is pictured parachuting onto the White House lawn. Therefore, an artist would have to successfully skydive and land on the stage, plug in his guitar, and begin rocking.

If Neil Diamond had correctly accomplished any of these three, or one of a number of other SWEET ENTRANCES, Rory may have jizzed in his pants.

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