Thursday, January 29, 2009


Life is hard. Life is busy. Life is stressful as fuck. I get sick of dealing with people and their self-important attitudes; the way people think they are right and don't need to look around at the world. I get tired of the process. I have a hard time forcing my self to walk the line.

I do things I tell myself I shouldn't. Shouldn't be here, shouldn't drink as much, shouldn't be so hard on myself, shouldn't be so nice. I want to smoke. I miss the flame and the calm. I feel like I need to...defragment my brain. Remove the broken spaces and worn out places.

Then this comes.


Wings and Teeth.

You ever have those days that feel like you've just taken a long drag? Or popped the cap off a glass Coke bottle? The days that refresh. Where no matter how frustrated and compounded you feel, everything just melts away?

That'll be next Saturday. Promise Of Stress-less. Pledge Of forget the Struggle.

POS. Sims. Mictlan. Satyricon, PDX. Jan. 7th @ 8. Tix are $12.

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